Reel Tape Real Time Time Lord…ism

Thinking back with a smile about finding myself in a passionate conversation about reel tape with especially Brian Hodgson and more members of the original Radiophonic Workshop and EMS in the Science Museum storage rooms about three years ago; both of us recalling enthusiastically trying to splice in a barbaric fashion, drill sacrilegious nail holesContinue reading “Reel Tape Real Time Time Lord…ism”

Science Museum podcast

a nice listen about Andy Wheddon’s circuit bend instruments. His Speak and Spell machine is in the Science Museum’s collection and currently on view at the ‘Oramics to Electronica’ exhibition. I’m chuffed about having provided the analogue squeaky in- and outtro of the podcast

Oramics behind-the-scenes docu

Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Nick Street and Jen Fearnley. A documentary following the co-curation of the ‘Oramics to Electronica’ exhibition at The Science Museum in London. The exhibition centres around Daphne Oram’s legendary Oramics Machine.

PRS captures Oramics opening

” M went along (to the Science Museum London) yesterday to film the technicians as they installed the primitive synthesizer, and meet some of the musicians involved in the project…” in the featured video PRSF’s Anita Awbi had a little chat with me as co-curator to this exhibition – photo Andy Wheddon