Tomorrow! Premiere of Salomé by Vicky Chow

Lauded as “one of our era’s most brilliant pianists” (Pitchfork) it’s a tremendous pleasure for me to share with you that Vicky Chow is premiering my new work for piano solo ‘Salomé’ tomorrow, Tuesday, at John Zorn’s The Stone Residency, NYC. Programme starts at 20:30 #salome #legends #antiquity #pianosolo Full programme and Tickets – . .Continue reading “Tomorrow! Premiere of Salomé by Vicky Chow”

Salomé – for piano solo

We’re only a week in the New Year, but the first piece is finished – ‘Salomé’, for piano solo, to be premiered by Vicky Chow in The Stone, NYC, in February. ✨ And as a treat I’m finally allowed to eat my last mince pie of the box and of the season 🎉 . .Continue reading “Salomé – for piano solo”


Throwing A Window Through Another Window changes scenes often. It reads like a graphic novel without pictures, below I’ve attached a page from the front matter of the score. . Order Throwing A Window Through Another Window at Donemus / email

Throwing A Window Through Another Window – more performances

More performances of my miniature Mx and Throwing A Window Through Another Window  – a broadcast of the Soundfestival Scotland on BBC R3 Hear And Now this Saturday and a performance on the November Music festival in ‘s Hertogensbosch in the Netherlands, this Sunday, November 11th.. Order Throwing A Window Through Another Window at DonemusContinue reading “Throwing A Window Through Another Window – more performances”

Throwing A Window Through Another Window – Icebreaker ensemble

Throwing A Window Through Another Window – my music piece that reads like a graphic novel without pictures next Fri, NOV2, at Sound Festival in Aberdeen – BBC Radio 3 Hear And Now will broadcast the @Icebreaker ensemble concert. This is scene ‘N’. Created with support by the Hinrichsen Foundation. Order Throwing A Window ThroughContinue reading “Throwing A Window Through Another Window – Icebreaker ensemble”


Johannes Ockenghem I was wondering which tunes were hot around 1420 when my friend Dan turned around and sang me ‘Prenez Sur Moi’ by Johannes Ockenghem. Since Dan is from around 14-15C but somehow landed in 2018, he must be reliable source! Ockenghem is a Flemish composer, sort of from around my native area andContinue reading “ENDURING LIKE A TREE UNDER THE CURIOUS STARS #3”


The Llwyn Celyn buildings date from around 1420 and in an attempt to express this astonishing awareness of time passed I’ve written two works in modern medieval style. I’ve been using monophony in canon and found myself working pretty much in the same way while developing both very different commissions – that of the panoramic score and the choral pieces.

Next Panoramic Score piece, Sept 22

I’m extremely thrilled to introduce to you my next gigantic Panoramic Score production. This time situated on an incredible on-location setting at the Fort Process Festival in Newhaven, UK. Photos below show the buildings and structures where I’m going to compose the panoramic scores for. The sheet music will wrap itself through the spaces. The echoingContinue reading “Next Panoramic Score piece, Sept 22”

New works ‘Fell’ and ‘Sylt’

With my head in the mountains and my body in the sea Very much looking forward to hearing my new works Fell and Sylt, for strings and harpsichord, performed by Nordic Affect í Mengi in Reykjavík on May 24th. It’s a strange mix of pop, medieval and baroque music. For tickets and more info headContinue reading “New works ‘Fell’ and ‘Sylt’”

Page Turners and how everything is connected

Here is a blog about one of my current works in progress. Most of my compositions are inter-connected and via sports, crafts and field recordings I’ve entered a sonic universe where all ingredients are formulated to such abstraction it becomes hard to recognise their origins. I thought it might be interesting to take you onContinue reading “Page Turners and how everything is connected”

Eleonor Sandresky turning pages in Cafe OTO

This Monday in Cafe OTO! Fab concert featuring a few of my works as well. Renowned experimental New York composer Eleonor Sandresky will be playing on piano, Ebow and electronics. A long-time Philip Glass colleague and member of the Downtown music scene since late eighties, brings a taste of this experience to Cafe OTO inContinue reading “Eleonor Sandresky turning pages in Cafe OTO”

Writing page turners!

Next week! Cafe OTO! This! I’m in full preparation while I should be promoting this wonderful concert. I’m printing out my sheet études on the finest rustling tissue paper. Mmmmmm. Rustling. #PageTurnerétudes #PaperPiano#CafeOTOJuly3 The Page Turners for solo piano are a continuation of Turner Piece for the Apartment House commission. Cafe OTO link and tickets Facebook event linkContinue reading “Writing page turners!”