Vogue Knitting Live NYC Concert and Catwalk music

Some marvellous news about getting new music out there!

* Vogue Knitting Live NYC ’16 Gala Diner concert and Fashion Show music *

My MATA commission ‘Killing Time’ uses prepared knitting needles to trigger software sound samples in an organic way to reproduce Nature sounds. It led to involving performers from outside the field of contemporary art, from the field of knitting, to be part of the ensemble – turning the usually lonely art of composing into a social happening.

I’m very pleased to be working with Vogue on staging this concert on their next VK Live event, plus providing original catwalk music, a mixture of my indie pop and my new music. Hopefully we will be setting up some workshops for attendees to experience knitted sounds and rhythms triggered by various patterns, as well.

Vogue Knitting Live NYChttps://www.facebook.com/vogueknittingmag