Tregwynt Mansion tryout

Fishguard Arts Society, Cymdeithas Celfyddydau Abergwaun : “Last night in the Ballroom, Tregwynt Mansion, a rehearsal for ‘Killing Time composed by Jobina Tinnemans. The work ‘Killing Time’ is for 5 knitters, piano, guzheng, clarinet, cello and electronics and will be performed in Brooklyn, New York on the 19th of April was commissioned by the 4 dayContinue reading “Tregwynt Mansion tryout”

knitting in Pembrokeshire

on Lizzy Stonhold‘s wall: Think this picture sums up our afternoon the best, Jobina explaining her fantastic project for the MATA festival in NYC, our FAS Knitting Jazz group furiously knitting the white ‘score’, beautiful daffodils on display in Seaways Bookshop, and the paper bird, little did we know at this stage, three of us wouldContinue reading “knitting in Pembrokeshire”

Knitting Jazz NY

(via Knitting Jazz on facebook) Lizzy and Jobina putting their heads together about Knitting Jazz in New York! Jobina has written a contemporary classical music composition for 5 knitters, which will be performed at the MATA festival on the 19th of April. She wants to bring some Welsh knitting to the Brooklyn stage, because the outdoors here is what inspiredContinue reading “Knitting Jazz NY”

NYC visit prepping the production of the MATA composition

I’m in NYC! Preparing the production of the contemporary classical composition for the MATA festival in April. I’ll be looking for NY knitters, as knitting makes part of the ensemble, visiting the performing musicians, talking through the score and listening to the venue’s sound system, whether the sounds I’m using will work in the concertContinue reading “NYC visit prepping the production of the MATA composition”

Naïve Ensemble Interface

And here it is! My custom-built interface. I will have 5 knitters as ‘naïve instruments’ as part of an ensemble of conventional instruments for the contemporary classical composition I’m working on for MATA festival in NYC in April. the logo is the works! such fun  I’m introducing the term ‘naïve instruments’ as a way toContinue reading “Naïve Ensemble Interface”

Performing on the ISCM World Music Days 2014 Wroclaw

For the British section of the 2014 ISCM World Music Days the works of Julian Anderson and me have been selected by the Wroclaw team. Which means my concrete music work “Shakespeare and Hedgeshear” including two table tennis teams and English castle-garden shrubs cutting will see the stage once again. Sound And Music did theContinue reading “Performing on the ISCM World Music Days 2014 Wroclaw”

‘Intense Colour’ composition screened on an intense scale

And this is what I’ve been working on with Craig Morrison, composing a sound to a colour, it will get continued, we’ve been experimenting. It has been a challenge to orchestrate a sound that one can play for a long time without getting uncomfortable but stays pleasant and in the mood the colour would giveContinue reading “‘Intense Colour’ composition screened on an intense scale”