Knit knit knit

Starting knitting myself eventually although I’m very slow: an attempt to join in. At the MATA performance there will be knittings made in NYC, Pembrokeshire and Montreal! According to Janusz there were some people in Oregon who would love to join in in the performance if it was closer. It’s all very exciting.

JT knitting attempt

Knitting Jazz NY

(via Knitting Jazz on facebook) Lizzy and Jobina putting their heads together about Knitting Jazz in New York! Jobina has written a contemporary classical music composition for 5 knitters, which will be performed at the MATA festival on the 19th of April. She wants to bring some Welsh knitting to the Brooklyn stage, because the outdoors here is what inspired her music and since she started working on this piece, about a year ago, the knitting has become alive and kicking in Fishguard, thanks to Lizzy and everyone involved! After the concert the knits will return and passed on to Lizzy for her Aberjazz project.

J&L Daffs

NYC visit 05

Packing my stuff on a rainy day – quite suitable. Been working my socks off, but in an out of the ordinary setting.NYC10-March-JTinnemans



Very nice to meet Todd Tarantino and Yotam Haber, the MATA festvial organising team, in reality after many online conversations.



and meeting Alex Weiser, number three of the MATA team. I’ve been working in electronics for years, my scoring skills have become somewhat rusty to say the least. Alex has been brilliant in running through my score.

NYC visit 03

Very chuffed about the Roulette venue sound system! Ben Manley, the sound man, was ever so kind to have me check my sounds on it and talk through tech. I’ll be working with a conventional classical ensemble plus electronics and hope to merge the two together a bit, too often the electronics seem to stay so separate from acoustic instruments. A few sounds are also very subtle and it was great to hear them come alive in this concert space, you could hear every detail.


NYC visit 02

Knitting in New York – meeting Isabelle and Janusz in Hampton Chutney, a nice dosa restaurant in Soho. Been filming their hands and our chatting, hoping to edit it all into a making-of docu. Have been receiving lots of enthused reactions from the knitting community, really great.