Science Museum podcast

a nice listen about Andy Wheddon’s circuit bend instruments. His Speak and Spell machine is in the Science Museum’s collection and currently on view at the ‘Oramics to Electronica’ exhibition. I’m chuffed about having provided the analogue squeaky in- and outtro of the podcast

“Our Artist of the Day” on Blinc Festival blog

on Blinc Festival blog: ” blinc Artist of the Day today is Jobina Tinnemans. She will be working with Craig Morrison, Menna Elfyn, Joel Cockrill and Elizabeth Ashworth on a collaborative piece called “Intense Colour Movement”. Steffan Rhodri will be providing the narration. The piece will also feature on The SPACE. (…)” read more, watch videoContinue reading ““Our Artist of the Day” on Blinc Festival blog”

new work for Blinc Festival

Blinc Digital Arts Festival is a spectacular experience around Conwy Castle, on the 27-28th of October. The curators have invited me to create a new composition for this year’s edition commemorating Alan Turing’s Centenary.  

new New York piece for MATA

MATA festival in Brooklyn, NYC, is an exciting annual contemporary composers music festival founded by much respected Philip Glass amongst others – it’s here After considering my work, some of which is posted on this site, they’ve kindly invited me to create a new piece for their next year’s festival at Roullette, Brooklyn, April 17th-20thContinue reading “new New York piece for MATA”

selected for the UK section of the ISCM World Music Days 2014

  “Shakespeare And Hedgeshear” has been selected for the British section of the 2014 ISCM festival. How fantastic, after “DR.NAUT”was selected for the 2010 ISCM World Music Days Festival in Sydney, Australia. Thank you. ISCM World Music Days – UK Composers Selected Sound and Music administrates the British Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music.Continue reading “selected for the UK section of the ISCM World Music Days 2014”

Nature Studies in Brighton

Tonight a new Concrete Music piece, “Nature Studies”, will be shown at The Spirit Of Gravity night at the Green Door Store, Brighton. A sound study of the surreally situated building site next door to me, which I usually, in ordinary daily life, fairly dislike. But not this time. It’s abstract music with a screening. SlightlyContinue reading “Nature Studies in Brighton”

Rain Paints A Ricochet Picture (basket ball exercise + electronics)

“and I would become aware of the rain. I would press my nose hard against the window, each tiny panel of glass gave a different sound. Then it was as if my consciousness gradually spread out: I realised I could hear the rain hitting the wall. It was different from where it hit the windowpanes. Where it hit the window it reverberated with little echoes. Where it hit the wall it wasContinue reading “Rain Paints A Ricochet Picture (basket ball exercise + electronics)”

‘The Spirit of Gravity’ concrete music gig moved to Brighton-Festival-May

Attention: the April 6th ‘Spirit Of Gravity’ evening of Great Experimental Electronic Music is in another venue, check link below! ALSO: my concrete music performance is, INSTEAD of in this month’s programme as advertised, moved to the next, it will be in MAY!  As part of the Brighton Festival wildness. Woohay!

Étude for Athlète, Soprano and Viola – here to listen to

MATA festival in New York showed some interest for this piece – you’re welcome to cross fingers with me! A concrete music piece mixing electronics, classical instruments and indoor sports exercises. Typically, it’s sound is very influenced by the surrounding outdoors of my house in the sticks. interlude – a Balancing exercise Part 1 Gymnasts Part 2Continue reading “Étude for Athlète, Soprano and Viola – here to listen to”