“Known for her work with concrete sounds, Dutch-British composer Jobina Tinnemans follows the lead of the late Cornelius Cardew, incorporating nonmusicians into a new music context.” – MATA, New York

“Tinnemans contemporary classical works are unusual and exciting.” – Moving Classics

Jobina Tinnemans is a contemporary composer working in crossover disciplines of electronics, classical music and contemporary art. She integrates analogue and digital, lo-fi and high end processes, as well as musique concrète or performers from non-contextual communities. All possible technical ways to emotionally express sounds she hears in natural soundscapes, such as microtonal textures by rustling grasses or the dramatic sounds of the elements.
Page turning, knitters, hedge trimmers, kung fu and Shakespeare all have featured in her compositions. She was selected out of more than 600 submissions to compose contemporary classical composition with electronics for the 2013 edition of the MATA festival in New York, founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa, resulting in the innovative piece Killing Time. Jobina’s highly acclaimed piece ‘Shakespeare and Hedgeshear’, involving two table tennis teams and hedge trimmers, was selected to represent next to Julian Anderson the British section of the ISCM World Music Days 2014 in Poland. Her newest triptych of pieces Turner Piece/ Apartment House/ Metro , commissioned by Sound And Music for the Apartment House ensemble, ingeniously feature the sound of the paper scores being turned as an integral part of the music, adding to and enriching the sounds of classical instruments and electronics. 
BLATNOVA, Jobina’s electronic indie music alter ego, has taken her on tours of disused municipal buildings and abandoned office blocks across Europe – the post-modern cavernous spaces of her chosen locations perfectly mirroring the haunting qualities of her voice and music. Space and place are very important recurring themes throughout Tinnemans’ work and these experiences increasingly echo back in her contemporary classical compositions..

Jobina has worked with some of the most highly regarded innovators and institutions in music, radio and research; her independent radio productions and music have been broadcast by the likes of the BBC and ABC; Ableton Live 9 features a Konkrete Beats demo by BLATNOVA. She was invited to join former employees from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop together with a group of contemporary musicians and producers to curate a new exhibition celebrating the work of electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram at the Science Museum in London ‘Oramics to Electronica: Revealing Histories of Electronic Music’..

“There’s nothing quite like MATA, which every year organizes the city’s most exciting showcase for outstanding young composers from around the world” – The New Yorker

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 Tinnemans has been working in sound from 1997 as musician, composer, sound artist and moved on to all facets of sound production since 2002, with her singer/songwriter/producer electronic indie pop music BLATNOVA. After her sonic comic “DR.NAUT” got selected for the ISCM World New Music Festival and broadcast by ABC Radio, she’s become an Independent Production Company for BBC Radio in 2010.

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Her product designs have been awarded exhibitions at the Architectural Biannual of Venice in 2000, Salone Del Mobile in Milan in 2001 and 2007, a review in ICON magazine, amongst other outstanding exhibition opportunities.

At the Department of Man&Identity of the internationally renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, she studied Conceptual Production Design under Ulf Moritz and Lidewij Edelkoort ao; changed to study Sound Engineering at Gateway Studio London inbetween; returned to the Design Academy and quitted to do Fashion at the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. Again, following her intuition, she went back to the Design Academy, yet this time challenging herself to gloriously fail her studies by ignoring assignments and only creating what she felt like. She graduated Cum Laude, With Distinction, in 1999...

Design Academy Eindhoven

1999 With Distinction Bachelor of Art of Design University Eindhoven, dept. Man&Identity (University for the Arts are called Academy in the Netherlands)

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2008 – wildlife soundrecording with Chris Watson (Wildeye)

2008 – Location Sound Recording, Bill Curtis Associates (Skillset)