Jobina Tinnemans

composer and performer at the nexus of electronic and contemporary classical music

Debut album coming out early 2020!

“Such a gorgeous album – a pleasure to share it”

– Sarah Mohr Pietsch on Night Tracks, BBC Radio 3

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Jobina Tinnemans’ musical career has evolved in step with the big developments of our time. Originally trained as a classical pianist, she began in the Dutch squat scene of the early nineteen nineties, recording DIY electronics on cassettes, fishing obsolete analogue music equipment out of skips, and acquiring her first sampler. In the new century she embraced each digital innovation as it appeared, the new software providing her with a universe of sound possibilities.

She moved to the UK, living for years in rural isolation and finding new ways to combine technology with her classical roots. Jobina’s forthcoming debut album celebrates a lifetime of exploration: her sound language is rich and idiosyncratic and she speaks it fluently.