Jobina Tinnemans

composer and performer at the nexus of contemporary classical and electronic music

Five Thoughts on Everything

Released on New York label Bright Shiny Things in May 2020, Five Thoughts on Everything is Jobina Tinnemans debut album.

“It’s a disc to die for, in which Tinnemans’ universe – and ours – is described with ethereal beauty from end to end.”

Raul da Gama
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At the Next Port of Call

posted 29/09/2021

At the Next Port of Call (pt2) at the Strumble Head lighthouse

On Saturday September 25 a very special concert took place on the Strumble Head peninsula in Pembrokeshire, Wales, as part of the On Land’s Edge / Ar Ymyl y Tir festival in Fishguard.

At the Next Port of Call (pt2) audience at a distance

At the Next Port of Call (pt2) for trumpet, tuba, natural soundscape and lighthouse was premiered on this magnificent place. A piece in which brass swells, synchronised to the light pattern of Strumble Head lighthouse, echo back from the cliffs and melt together with the natural soundscape. It was magical.

At the Next Port of Call (pt1) for tuba, trumpet, Gramophony and video in Theatr Gwaun Fishguard

On Land’s Edge

posted 17/09/2021

On Land’s Edge/ Ar Ymyl y Tir festival is happening September 24-26 in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. This particular landscape has been very influential to my work over the years, living on the Strumble Head peninsula.


posted 12/10/2021

HRAUN panoramic graphic score

Saturday night. Reykjavík. Nordic Affect première.

Nordic Affect ensemble play HRAUN

posted 06/10/2021

When Halla Steinunn approached me to write a new work for Nordic Affect my thoughts went to these two photographs of volcanic streams from the Fagradalsfjall eruption she made on location a few weeks earlier, posted on social media. Its shapes have been lingering in my mind and for this concert I set out capturing the enigmatic, but brief, life of a lava flow in just a few brush strokes.

HRAUN, the Icelandic word for lava, will be premiered by the fabulous Nordic Affect ensemble in Mengi, Reykjavík, next Saturday, Oct 16. I’m very excited to hear it performed and it would be great to see you there!

More reviews about ‘Five Thoughts on Everything’ album:

“…perched somewhere between seriously entertaining and entertainingly serious.

Tinnemans organizes her music so that the two sides acknowledge their togetherness gracefully, without ever crossing into each other’s sphere.”

— Philip Clark, THE WIRE

a fine, succinct, gently intelligent collection of compositions, visiting plenty of stops on electronic music’s map, but resolutely settling a town all of its own.

– Kev Nickells, FREQ, read full review

“Such a gorgeous album – a pleasure to share it”

– Sara Mohr Pietsch, on Night Tracks, BBC RADIO 3

“Yet while the material offered is purely aural, the five adventurous pieces, world premieres all, are hardly wanting for boldness.”

– TEXTURA, read full review

“…the firm hand Tinnemans keeps on the tiller as she pulls you through nearly uncharted territories, following tributaries from the 20th century’s avant garde to their natural conclusions.”

– ANEARFUL, read full review

– STICKINGITTOU, instagram

Get your copy at: Bright Shiny ThingsBandcampAmazonHMV, TowerRecords.jpJuno Records CNFNAC, SpotifyApple Music or any of your preferred platforms

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Jobina’s sound journey is extensive. Moving on from traditional classical piano she started experimenting with samplers and noisy sound processing in the Dutch squat and DIY scene, being fortunate enough to live in Eindhoven, hometown of Philips Electronics. At the time, in the mid-nineties, analog was being replaced by digital and she fished many obsolete analog musical equipment out of skips. The electronics obsession expanded to heritage analog synthesisers and organs, tube valves and transistors, while equally being excited about the many digital innovations of the new century.

When Tinnemans moved to a rural isolated peninsula in Wales from the Netherlands in 2007, she became overwhelmed by the beauty of natural soundscapes, her new habitat, and soon electronic sounds made way for rustling of leaves, wildlife calls and other outdoor sounds.

Jobina was selected to compose a new work for the 2013 edition of New York’s MATA festival. She created Killing Time which in turn caught the attention of Vogue NYC. Her piece Shakespeare and Hedgeshear, involving two table tennis teams and hedge trimmers,

represented the British section at the 2014 ISCM World New Music Days. Tinnemans’ work has been in international demand ever since. In 2018 she received the PRSF for Music Composer Award. 

New York-based Bright Shiny Things label will release her composer debut album Five Thoughts on Everything in 2020. This album celebrates a lifetime of exploration: her sound language is rich and idiosyncratic and she speaks it fluently.