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The Seeress Prophecy (2016)

for mixed choir

performed by Kammerkór Sudurlands


  • Nostos (2022) for string quintet, awaiting première performance
  • Light Gets Lighter (2022) for string quintet, awaiting première performance
  • A Slice Of Quince (2022) for string quintet, awaiting première performance
  • The Seeress Prophecy (2016, reworked in 2022) for SATB choir, song cycle of six works, ca. 30′, Donemus | request
  • Belter (2021) for piano, ca. 8′, Donemus | request
  • Seven Sisters (2021), seven works for piano, duration ca. 17′, Donemus | request
  • Salomé (2018) for piano, ca. 4’44”, Donemus | request
  • In The Wings Through The Night (2018), SSSAAATTBB choir, ca. 3’30”, Donemus | request
  • Four Seasons, Countless Years (2018), SATB choir, ca.4′, Donemus | request
  • Varèsotto, Hinterland of Varèse (2018), for large ensemble and field instruments, ca. 7′, Donemus | request
  • Fell (2017) for strings and harpsichord, ca. 7′, Donemus | request
  • Sylt (2017) for strings and percussion, ca. 7′, Donemus | request
  • Page Turner Étude Nº.1/2, U/3, Winged Kelp (2017) for piano, duration N/A, request
  • Throwing A Window Though Another Window (2016) for large ensemble, ca. 11′, Donemus | request
  • Mx (2016) miniature for large ensemble, ca. 1′, Donemus | request
  • Head (2016) for large ensemble, ca. 5’30”, Donemus | request
  • Imagiro Largo (2016) for ensemble, ca. 10′, Donemus | request
  • Turner Piece (2015) for string ensemble, ca. 10′, Donemus | request
  • Apartment House, Building Stories (2015) for string ensemble, drum machine and soprano, ca. 10′, Donemus | request
  • Metro (2015) for string ensemble, ca. 10′, Donemus | request
  • Dingus (2016) for big band, dramatised radioplay soundtrack, 6 episodes, request

Killing Time (2013)

for field instruments, performative hardware and ensemble

MATA festival NYC

Mixed discipline

  • Im Gedanken des Ahnungslosen Sessels (2021), audio score for any instrument(s), 6’24”, Donemus | request
  • Not for the likes of us (2020), for soundscape and chairs, duration N/A, request
  • Caponier (2017) for four mobile instruments, twelve singers with newspapers and leather shoes, 34 meters long fabric panoramic score and choreographed ground plan, duration N/A, request
  • Central (2017) for eight mobile instruments, singers, 48 meters long panoramic score and choreographed ground plan, duration N/A, request
  • Reflections over Verisimilitude (2016) song cycle of six works for SATB, sound processing and visuals, ca. 30′, request
  • IMAGIRO Landmannalaugar (2016) for mobile instruments and 23 meters long panoramic score, duration N/A, request
  • Killing Time (2013) for ensemble, field instruments and prepared knitting needles, ca. 20′, request
  • Prelude to killing time (2013) for prepared knitting needles and virtual orchestra, ca. 20′, email
  • Sheet Music (2013) for any performer, duration N/A, request
  • Étude for Athlète, Soprano and Viola (2012) for gymnasts, basketball team, kung-fu martial arts, soprano, viola and electronics, ca. 12′, request
  • Pwll Deri (2012) series of graphic scores for any player, duration N/A, request
  • Shakespeare And Hedgeshear (2007/2014) for table tennis, hedge cutters, string quartet, analog synth, sound processing (analogue and digital), fixed media and location with reverberant acoustics, ca. 21′, request

Page Turner Étude Nº.1 (2017)

for piano and paper

performed by Eleonor Sandresky

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