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Five Thoughts on Everything

where: any of your preferred platforms label: Bright Shiny Things

“It’s a disc to die for, in which Tinnemans’ universe – and ours – is described with ethereal beauty from end to end.”

– Raul Da Gama in The Whole Note

Five track album featuring Kammerkór Sudurlands (the South-Iceland chamber choir), directed by Hilmar Örn Agnarsson and a work celebrating Varèse’s Poème Électronique.

Featuring: Midtone in G | Djúpalonssdóttir & Hellnarsson | The Shape Of Things Aquatic | Microbioism | Varèsotto, Hinterland of Varèse

More reviews:

“…perched somewhere between seriously entertaining and entertainingly serious. Tinnemans organizes her music so that the two sides acknowledge their togetherness gracefully, without ever crossing into each other’s sphere.” — Philip Clark in THE WIRE

a fine, succinct, gently intelligent collection of compositions, visiting plenty of stops on electronic music’s map, but resolutely settling a town all of its own.– Kev Nickells in FREQ, read full review

“Such a gorgeous album – a pleasure to share it” – Sara Mohr Pietsch on Night Tracks, BBC RADIO 3

“Yet while the material offered is purely aural, the five adventurous pieces, world premieres all, are hardly wanting for boldness.” – in TEXTURA, read full review

“…the firm hand Tinnemans keeps on the tiller as she pulls you through nearly uncharted territories, following tributaries from the 20th century’s avant garde to their natural conclusions.” – in ANEARFUL, read full review

concert video premiere

HRAUN (2021) performed by Nordic Affect

posted 07/02/2022

where: YouTube

HRAUN, a graphic panoramic score for string ensemble, was premiered by Nordic Affect in Mengi, Reykjavík, on October 16, 2021. A concert video of this performance is now available on YouTube.

HRAUN, Icelandic for lava, is composed in response to photographs that Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir made in Nátthagi of petrified lava formed by the Fjagradalsfjall eruption. A graphic score in five pages, created for and premiered by Nordic Affect.

broadcast & podcast


A combustable tale from the airwaves’ most thrilling detective.

posted 24/10/2022

broadcast: Tuesdays beginning October 25, 6:30pm GMT, repeated on Sundays at 10am GMT on Resonance FM
podcast: on major platforms search “Dingus / Mike Cooter”

Dingus is a six-part radio drama produced by Mike Cooter with a Hollywood’s Golden Age-inspired soundtrack composed by Jobina Tinnemans, to be broadcast in full by Resonance FM, podcast and archived at

Ostensibly a detective drama, Dingus emerges across six episodes and a supplementary documentary as a rumination on objecthood itself: how we claim to understand some-thing, and the effects that it might have.

Mike Cooter is an artist, writer and lecturer based in London. He is currently working on a book about MacGuffins, the narrative-driving subjects of his PhD (2018, Goldsmiths, University of London). Resonance FM is a radio station devoted to lived culture, championing arts radio and radio art.


Breakwater Brass!

posted 16/09/2022

when: at 14:30, 24 September, 2022
where: Fishguard Harbour breakwater, Pembrokeshire – meet at the Ocean Lab tickets & info: On Land’s Edge festival

Next Saturday! Breakwater Brass!

On a clear day in Harbour Village, when the Stena Line ferry hoots, you can hear it echoing back from Goodwick moor, Dinas Head, Cat Rock in Newport to all the way from Cardigan Bay and beyond.

Breakwater Brass!, composed for the Goodwick brass band and this particular echoing on the Pembrokeshire coastline, will premiere on the seawall next Saturday. Experience it all along the breakwater which stretches for a mile. The work will be introduced by geologist Sid Howells with a talk about the Fishguard Bay coastal area in glacial times and why these rock formations are so resonant. 

Commissioned by the On Land’s Edge/ Ar Ymyl Y Tir festival, Fishguard, hosted by Theatr Gwaun and supported by Arts Council Wales. Tickets Theatr Gwaun or on the day.

publication and video premiere

At The Next Port Of Call (2021)

for trumpet, tuba, seascape and lighthouse

posted 24/10/2022

sheet music: Donemus Music Publishing concert video: YouTube, Vimeo

At The Next Port Of Call, for trumpet, tuba, seascape and lighthouse, utilises the light sequences, called group-flashing, of a lighthouse as a metronome to direct the brass players. In the eclipses between the light-flashes the brass players pause, allowing the natural soundscape to play its part.

The première of At The Next Port Of Call took place near the Strumble Head lighthouse in Pembrokeshire which has a group-flashing of 15 seconds: four light- flashes at 2-second intervals followed by a 7-second eclipse. These translate into a tempo marking of 53, alternating time signatures of 7/4 and 6/4, and a rising and falling in dynamic levels based on a fourfold sequence.
The performers stand at a distance from the audience, so that the volume of their instruments is perceived to have a similar loudness to the environment, reverbe-rating and fusing with the seascape. Visually, the performers appear like little grains of rice in the landscape, shifting our attention from ourselves to the beauty around us.

If the work is performed at a different lighthouse, the tempo marking, time signatures and dynamics should be adapted to its group-flashing.


As Long As It Is Wide première

posted 03/04/2023

when: Saturday, 15 April 2023
where: International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK
tickets: Distant Forces 
concert Eventbrite

SONO ensemble is a group of creative artists and musicians brought together by their undeniable passion for music and directed by Ugnius Pauliukonis and Gunda Baranauskaite. Experimenting with music and visual media, together with in-house stage director Eldad Diamant, the SONO ensemble is a playground for exploration and new experiences, not one show is the same.

As Long As It Is Wide springs like a coil and is about how we experience things, about how long and how wide these experiences are and about how they differ and combine.

This string quartet commission was kindly supported by Hinrichsen Foundation and the Vaughan Williams Foundation.

about Distant Forces

SONO ensemble’s new immersive musical performance Distant Forces traverses between two diametric worlds: one is rooted in a deep long-forgotten past, the other in an inconceivably distant future.

The Gesamtkunstwerk of music and projections acts as a giant sweeping pendulum, taking the listener onto a musical journey between the two worlds, constantly searching for belonging, for permanence, for home. The ensemble will perform pieces by Alfred Schnittke, Molly Joyce, Simon Knighton, Pēteris Vasks and a première of a new work by Jobina Tinnemans especially commissioned for this show. read on

performance and exhibition

Beautiful Data @ Salone Di Mobile

posted 03/06/2022

when performance:  10 June @ 19:00h  when exhibition:  7-12 of June
where: 59, Via Vincenzo Monti, Milano
more info: DAE website

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is celebrating its 75th anniversary with an Intergenerational Graduation Show on the Salone Di Mobile. My augmented reality concept is part of this exhibition, which is free to visit.

At the celebrations on Friday night you can attend a live performance of my piece Varèsotto in an exclusive Beautiful Data design to mark the 75th anniversary of the Design Academy.

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