Audio Mastering Service

Jobina Tinnemans has been working as a musician, producer and composer in sound and in music for over twenty years, with a wealth of experience in high-end music studio and challenging on-location audio projects.

Jobina’s sound mastering is transparent, preserving the integrity of your work while increasing your message. Expect your audio to sound the same, only more detailed, more immersive and more powerful.

Jobina specialises in mastering studio recordings of classical, contemporary classical and experimental music performed by acoustic and/ or electronic instruments and spoken word. Audio can be delivered as separate stems or as stereo files and in many formats. This mastering service can be used for professional digital releases or vinyl pressing by performers, music producers or record labels.

Also, did you know that your smartphone, rehearsal, on-location and home studio recordings, as well as the audio of your video footage can be beautifully polished? It might be more affordable than you think to create a high-end listening experience for your Youtube channel, self-release or portfolio showcase. Have a listen below!

Spoken word in podcasts can benefit from mastering too, significantly increasing articulation, making it easier for your audience to take in your message. Unwanted noises will disappear and multiple voices will be balanced and placed within the stereo image, giving your listener the impression of being in the midst of your presenters, narrators or actors.

So how much does it cost?

Mastering rates for a single audio file are: £15/ $20 per minute for the first 10 minutes with a minimum charge of 4 minutes; £10/ $15 per minute after the first 10 minutes. This includes two revisions, if necessary, to get exactly the sound you want. It also includes the addition of accreditations into the metadata, ensuring that the title of the recording and performers will display correctly on all standard music players and radio networks. Work-around time is normally 4-5 working days. Delivery is in 48/ 24 .wav and high-res .mp3 files.

If you are interested in the mastering of a project with a longer duration or a set of works, such as a podcast series, advertisements or presentations, please request a tailored quote for the entire project.

Interested? Feel welcome to get in touch

Shorter work-around times to meet a deadline can be negotiated. Other file formats or bit rates are available on request. If you prefer it, a private cloud server is available for transferring files.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the smallest question or for most challenging recording project, free of any obligations.

Listen just how gorgeous this mastering can sound!

Please find below mastering examples of customer projects, categorised by studio, on-location and podcast & video recordings for voice. Listening with headphones or dedicated audio speakers is recommended.

Podcast & video recordings, occasionally background noises are kept for continuity

On-location recordings, occasionally background noises are kept for continuity

Studio recordings

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